Word Summary
sephel: a bowl
Original Word: סֵפֶל
Transliteration: sephel
Phonetic Spelling: (say'-fel)
Part of Speech: Noun Masculine
Short Definition: a bowl
Meaning: a basin
Strong's Concordance
bowl, dish

From an unused root meaning to depress; a basin (as deepened out) -- bowl, dish.


H5602. sephel

סֵ֫פֶלnoun [masculine] bowl (√ unknown; perhaps foreign word; Assyrian saplu, bowl, basin (DIHWB 508 SchrCOT 2 Kings 9:2) [occurs as object of tribute or plunder]; Late Hebrew = Biblical Hebrew; סִיפְלָא ᵑ7bowl, basin, Christian-Palestinian Aramaic (wash-)basin SchwIdioticon 64; Arabic bowl, jar FlLevy NHWB iii,320; Kl. Schr.ii. 556 f. is perhaps loan-word Frä67f.); — absolute הַסּ ׳מְלֹאJudges 6:38; for drinking, construct אַדִּירִים סֵפֶל5:25 a bowl of (fit for) nobles, huge bowl (GFM).