Word Summary
semadar: blossom (of the grape)
Original Word: סְמָדַר
Transliteration: semadar
Phonetic Spelling: (sem-aw-dar')
Part of Speech: Noun Masculine
Short Definition: blossom (of the grape)
Meaning: a vine blossom, abloom
Strong's Concordance
tender grape

Of uncertain derivation; a vine blossom; used also adverbially, abloom -- tender grape.


H5563. semadar

[סְמָדֵר‎ ?], also סְמָדַ֑ר סְמָדַ֔ר֖,

noun masculineSong of Solomon 7:13 blossom of grape (just at flowering DuvalREJ xiv (1887), 227 ff. Late Hebrew id.; Aramaic סמדר‎, , Mandean סימאדרא‎ NöM. 128); — always absolute ׳ס‎, only Canticles: סְמָדַר֖ הַגְּפָנִים2:13 the vines are (all) blossom; סְמָדַ֑ר כְּרָמִים2:15 (on bold predicate compare Ges§ 141d); הַסְּמָדַ֔ר מִּתַּךְִ7:13 the blossom has opened (its buds).