Word Summary
cliq: to ascend
Original Word: סְלִק
Transliteration: cliq
Phonetic Spelling: (sel-eek')
Part of Speech: Verb
Short Definition: to ascend
Meaning: to ascend
Strong's Concordance
come up

(Aramaic) a primitive root; to ascend -- come (up).


H5559. cliq

[סְלֵק‎] verb come up (Aramaic loan-word in Biblical Hebrew, q. v.); —

Pe`al Perfect3feminine singular סִלְקַתDaniel 7:20, תָ֯‎ (!) 7:28 (K§ 25 b)); 3 masculine plural סְלִ֫קוּ2:29; Ezra 4:12; Participle feminine plural סָֽלְקָןDaniel 7:3; — come up, מִן‎ person Ezra 4:12, מִןיַֿמָּאDaniel 7:3; absolute of horn in vision 7:8, 20; figurative of thoughts 2:29.

Haph`el lift, take up: Perfect3masculine plural הַסִּ֫קוּ‎ (as if from נסק‎; K§ 44 b)) Daniel 3:22; Infinitive לְהַנְסָקָה‎ (Kl. e. Str§ 3 h) 6:24 (מִן‎ local), both with ל‎ accusative of person

Hoph`al (WCG225) be taken up: Perfect3masculine singular הֻסַּקDaniel 6:24 (מִן‎ local).