Word Summary
sillon or sallon: a briar
Original Word: סִלּוֹן
Transliteration: sillon or sallon
Phonetic Spelling: (sil-lone')
Part of Speech: Noun Masculine
Short Definition: a briar
Meaning: a prickle
Strong's Concordance
brier, thorn

Or callown {sal-one'}; from calah; a prickle (as if pendulous); brier, thorn.

see HEBREW calah


H5544. sillon

or sallon [סַלּוֺן‎], סִלּוֺןnoun masculine brier (√ unknown): — מַמְאִיר סִלּוֺןEzekiel 28:24 a pricking brier (figurative of national distress; "" מַכְאִב קוֺץ‎); plural סַלּוֺנִים2:6 ( + סָרָבִים‎; Co [after Vrss] Berthol [not Toy] read (אותך‎) וְסֹלִים סֹרְבִיםresisting and despising thee; ׳סִל‎ is then Participle from I. סלה‎).