Word Summary
Sukkoth Benoth: "booths of daughters", an Assyr.-Bab. god
Original Word: סֻכּוֹת בְּנוֹת
Transliteration: Sukkoth Benoth
Phonetic Spelling: (sook-kohth' ben-ohth')
Part of Speech: Noun
Short Definition: "booths of daughters", an Assyr.-Bab. god
Meaning: booths of, daughters, brothels, idoalatrous tents for, impure purpose
Strong's Concordance

From Cukkowth and the (irreg.) Plural of bath; booths of (the) daughters; brothels, i.e. Idoalatrous tents for impure purpose -- Succoth-benoth.

see HEBREW Cukkowth

see HEBREW bath


H5524. Sukkoth

Benoth בְּנוֺת סֻכּוֺתproper name, of a divinity 2 Kings 17:30, Assyrian-Babylonian deity, worshipped by Babylonians in Samaria; text of name corrupt; SchrCOT ad. location (after H. Rawlinson) proposes Zîr-bânit, or Zarpanituv, wife of Marduk (compare HptAR, May 1886 Muss-ArnJBL xi (1892), 167), rejecting Sakkut-binûtu = Marduk DlPar 215; JenZA iv. 352 makes בְּנוֺת‎ = banîtu, epithet of Ištar; all doubtful.