Word Summary
sachaph: prostrate
Original Word: סָחַף
Transliteration: sachaph
Phonetic Spelling: (saw-khaf')
Part of Speech: Verb
Short Definition: prostrate
Meaning: to scrape off
Strong's Concordance
sweep away

A primitive root; to scrape off -- sweep (away).


H5502. sachaph

[סָחַף‎] verb prostrate (Late Hebrew סחף‎, Aramaic סְחַף‎ (for ἐδαφίζω, Luke 19:42); Assyrian sa—âpu, throw down, overwhelm); —

Qal Perfect סֹחֵף מָטָרProverbs 28:3 a prostrating rain (beating down grain), לָ֑חֶם וְאֵיןand (so) there is no bread.

Niph`al Perfect3masculine singular אַבִּירֶיךָ נִסְחַףJeremiah 46:15 why are thy mighty ones (or, why is thy bull, i.e. Apis, Hi Ew Gf) prostrated? but read perhaps עָמַד לאֹ אַבִּירְךָ חָף נָס‎ (ᵐ5‎ Mich Gie Co) why hath Apis fled, thy bull doth not stand?

[סָחַר‎] verb go around, about, travel about in (Late Hebrew id., go about as merchant, pedlar, perhaps denominative from סוֺחֵר‎ (Jastr); **אֵסְחַר סְחַר, ᵑ7go about, סְחוֺר‎ = Hebrew סָבִיב‎. Syriac go about as beggar, be beggar PS2593 (rate), especially Christian-Palestinian Aramaic see SchwIdioticon 61f.; Assyrian sa—âru, turn, surround, Tel Amarna return WklTA Glossary; ᵑ7surround (often), and derivatives; Arabic is mock at, deride); —

Qal Perfect3plural סָֽחֲרוּJeremiah 14:18; Imperfect3masculine plural יִסְחֲרוּGenesis 34:21; 2masculine plural תִּסְחָ֑רוּ42:34; Imperative masculine plural suffix סְחָרוּהָ34:10; Perfect סֹחֵר23:16, סוֺחֵרProverbs 31:14; construct סֹחֵרIsaiah 23:2; feminine singular suffix סֹחַרְתֵךְEzekiel 27:12, 16, 18 + סֹחֲרֹתַיִךְ27:15 (see below); masculine plural סֹחֲרִיםGenesis 37:28 2t.; construct סֹחֲרֵי1 Kings 10:28 3t.; suffix סֹחֲרַיִךְIsaiah 47:15, רָ֑יִךְ‎- Ezekiel 27:21, רֶיהַ‎- Isaiah 23:8; —

1 go about, to and fro (i.e. go about one's affairs, carry on one's business) in, with accusative אֶרֶץGenesis 42:34 (E), 34:10, 21 (P); with אֶלאֶֿרֶץJeremiah 14:18, but dubious, ᵐ5‎ Gf Hi Or CoHpt RothstKau journey unto a land which they have not known.

2 Participle = substantive a trafficker, trader (who goes about with wares, etc.) Genesis 23:16 (P), 37:28 (E), Isaiah 23:2, 8; 47:15; 1 Kings 10:28 2 Chronicles 1:16; Ezekiel 27:21 (twice in verse); 27:36; 38:13; + תָּרִים2 Chronicles 9:14; feminine, of a city or country, Ezekiel 27:12, 16, 18; also in 27:15 read סֹחֲרֹתַיִךְ‎ for ᵑ0‎ (ידך‎) סְחֹרַת‎ Sm Co Berthol Toy.

Pilpel Perfect3masculine singular סְחַרְחַר לִבִּיPsalm 38:11 (Ges§ 55e) my heart palpittes (+ כֹחִי עֲזָבַנִי‎).