Word Summary
sod: council, counsel
Original Word: סוֹד
Transliteration: sod
Phonetic Spelling: (sode)
Part of Speech: Noun Masculine
Short Definition: council, counsel
Meaning: a session, company of persons, intimacy, consultation, a secret
Strong's Concordance
assembly, counsel, inward, secret counsel

From yacad; a session, i.e. Company of persons (in close deliberation); by implication, intimacy, consultation, a secret -- assembly, consel, inward, secret (counsel).

see HEBREW yacad


H5475. sod

סוֺדnoun [masculine] council, counsel; — ׳ס‎ absolute Proverbs 11:13 +; construct Jeremiah 6:11 +; suffix סוֺדִי23:22; Job 19:19; סוֺדוֺAmos 3:7; Proverbs 3:32; סֹדָםGenesis 49:6; —

1 council, in familiar conversation; —

a. divan or circle of familiar friends, ׳ס בַּחוּרִיםJeremiah 6:11, ׳מ משׂחקים15:17; סוֺדִ ׳מְתֵיJob 19:19 men of my intimate circle; (י בסוד ׅ׳עמדJeremiah 23:18, 22 in the intimate circle of ׳י‎; אלוה בסודJob 15:8; in bad sense, ׳ס מְרֵעִיםPsalm 64:3.

b. assembly, company, ׳ס יְשָׁרִיםPsalm 111:1 ("" עֵדָה‎; עמי סוֺדEzekiel 13:9; ׳ס קדשׁיםPsalm 89:8 (of angels); in bad sense, בא בסודGenesis 49:6 ("" קהל‎).

2 counsel, taken by those in familiar conversation:

a. counsel itself, סוד באין מחשׁבותProverbs 15:22 thoughts without counsel; of intimate friendship, Psalm 55:15 סוֺד נַמְתִּיק‎; in bad sense, of crafty plotting 83:4 סוֺד יַעֲרִימוּ

b. secret counsel, which may be revealed (גלה‎), Amos 3:7; Proverbs 11:13; 20:19; 25:9.

c. familiar converse with God, intimacy, ס ׳ליראיו ׳יPsalm 25:14 intimacy with ׳יhave those who fear him ("" ברית‎), סודוֺ אתיֿשׁריםProverbs 3:22 with the upright is his intimacy; here also Job 29:4 (si vera lectio) Di De and others; Siegf Du compare BuhlLex בְּסֹךְwhen Eloah sheltered my tent.