Word Summary
sadin: linen garment
Original Word: סָדִין
Transliteration: sadin
Phonetic Spelling: (saw-deen')
Part of Speech: Noun Masculine
Short Definition: linen garment
Meaning: a wrapper, shirt
Strong's Concordance
fine linen, sheet

From an unused root meaning to envelop; a wrapper, i.e. Shirt -- fine linen, sheet.


H5466. sadin

סָדִיןnoun [masculine] linen wrapper (perhaps foreign word; compare Assyrian sudinnu DlHWB 490, a garment; Late Hebrew סְדִינָא ᵑ7 סָדִין,‎, Syriac , (rare) Mark 15:46; > compare Arabic , veil, saddle-cover (see Lane1335), or , Greek [and ᵐ5‎] σινδών, compare Frä48 LewyFremdw. 85); — absolute ׳סProverbs 31:24; plural סְדִינִיםJudges 14:12; 14:13; Isaiah 3:28; — wrapper or rectangular piece of fine linen, worn as outer, or (at night) as sole garment (compare GFMJudg 14, 12), + בְּגָדִים חֲלִמֹּת14:12-13, in list of women's finery Isaiah 3:23, made and sold by the capable woman Proverbs 31:24.

סדר‎ (√ of following; compare Assyrian sadâru, arrange in order, sidru, sidirtu, row, battle-line; Late Hebrew סָדַרarrange, order, Aramaic סְדַר‎, , all with derivatives ).