Word Summary
Sibrayim: a city in Aram (Syria)
Original Word: סִבְרַיִם
Transliteration: Sibrayim
Phonetic Spelling: (sib-rah'-yim)
Part of Speech: Proper Name Location
Short Definition: a city in Aram (Syria)
Meaning: Sibraim -- a city in Aram (Syria)
Strong's Concordance

Dual from a root corresponding to cbar; double hope; Sibrajim, a place in Syria -- Sibraim.

see HEBREW cbar


H5453. Sibrayim

סִבְרַ֫יִםproper name, of a location city between the border of Damascus and that of Hamath Ezekiel 47:16; identification by see KasterenRevue Bibl. Internat. 1895, 23 ff. with Khirbet Sanbariye on the river „âƒbâni, southwest of Hermon, compare BuhlGeogr. 67, 238, but this apparently too far southwest; ᵐ5Σεβραμ, A Σεφραμ. A city Šabara'in is named in Babylonian Chroniclei. 28 (SchrKB ii. 276); but location not given.