Word Summary
Seba: son of Cush, also his desc. and their land
Original Word: סְבָא
Transliteration: Seba
Phonetic Spelling: (seb-aw')
Part of Speech: proper name, masculine
Short Definition: son of Cush, also his desc. and their land
Meaning: Seba -- son of Cush, also his descendants and their land
Strong's Concordance

Of foreign origin; Seba, a son of Cush, and the country settled by him -- Seba.


H5434. Seba

סְבָאproper name, masculine 1st son of Cush, in poetry and late; — Genesis 10:7 (P) (ᵐ5Σαβα, as שְׁבָא‎) = 1 Chronicles 1:9 (ᵐ5id., but B Σαβατ); = nation (or territory) Psalm 72:10 (ᵐ5Σαβα; + ᵐ5 שְׁבָא,Αραβων), so (+ כּוּשׁ‎, "" מִצְרַיִם‎) Isaiah 43:3 (ᵐ5Σοηνη); clearly situated in south; most probably = λιμὴν Σαβά, and Σαβαὶ πόλις εὐμεγέθης, in Adulic gulf on west coast of Red Sea; see Straboxvi. 4. 8. 10 Ptoliv. 7, 7 f. DiGn BaePsalm DuIs; > Meroë JosAnt. ii. 10, 2 and others