Word Summary
netheq: scab
Original Word: נֶתֶק
Transliteration: netheq
Phonetic Spelling: (neh'-thek)
Part of Speech: Noun Masculine
Short Definition: scab
Meaning: scurf
Strong's Concordance
dry scall

From nathaq; scurf -- (dry) scall.

see HEBREW nathaq


H5424. netheq

נֶ֫תֶקnoun masculineLeviticus 13:32 scab, an eruption of skin, on head or in beard, causing suspicion of leprosy (literally a tearing off, i.e. what one is inclined to scratch or tear away, compare scabies from scabere, Krätze from kratzen, etc., see Di13:30); — ׳נ‎ absolute 13:30, 32 (twice in verse); 13:33-34, (twice in verse); 13:35-36, 37 (twice in verse); נָ֑תֶק14:54; הַנֶּתֶק נֶגַע13:31 (twice in verse) (all P).