Word Summary
natsah: perhaps to fly
Original Word: נָצָה
Transliteration: natsah
Phonetic Spelling: (naw-tsaw')
Part of Speech: Verb
Short Definition: perhaps to fly
Meaning: to go forth, to be expelled, desolate, to lay waste, to quarrel
Strong's Concordance
be laid waste, ruinous, strive together

A primitive root; properly, to go forth, i.e. (by implication) to be expelled, and (consequently) desolate; causatively, to lay waste; also (specifically), to quarrel -- be laid waste, runinous, strive (together).


H5327. natsah

II. [נָצָה‎] verb Niph`al, Hiph`il struggle (Late Hebrew id., Hithpa`el (Jastr928); Aramaic נְצָא‎, quarrel; Arabic apprehendit, arripuit aliquem antiis suis, Ethiopic vellere, evellere, are perhaps denominative from , (see נוֺצָה‎), so Thes); —

Niph`al reciprocal struggle with each other: Imperfect3masculine plural יִנָּצוּExodus 21:22 (E), Leviticus 24:10 (H), 2 Samuel 14:6; יַחְדָּו ׳יִנּDeuteronomy 25:11; Participle נִצִּיםExodus 2:13 (E); all of physical struggle, wrestling, and the like.

Hiph`il engage in a struggle against: Perfect3plural הִצּוּNumbers 26:9 (עַל‎); Infinitive construct suffix הַצֹּתָם26:9 (עַל‎); אֶת הַצּוֺתוֺPsalm 60:2 (title); only here of war, hence Klo's suggestion (compare Buhl13) הַכּוֺתוֺ‎ is plausible (compare 2 Samuel 8:3, 5, 9).

III. [נָצָה‎] verb fall in ruins; —

Qal Imperfect3feminine plural יוֺשֵׁב מֵאֵין תִּצֶּינָה עָרַיִךְJeremiah 4:7 thy cities shall fall in ruins (read probably תִּנָּצֶינָהNiph`al).

Niph`al Participle plural נִצִּים גַּלִּיםruined heaps, i.e. ruin-heaps, 2 Kings 19:25 = Isaiah 37:26. — On Jeremiah 2:15; 9:9; 9:11; 46:19 see יצת‎.

נִצָּה‎ see נצץ‎. נצָתָהּ‎ Lev Jeremiah 1:16 see נוֺצָה‎ above