Word Summary
naal or naalah: a sandal, shoe
Original Word: נַעַל
Transliteration: naal or naalah
Phonetic Spelling: (nah'-al)
Part of Speech: Noun Feminine
Short Definition: a sandal, shoe
Meaning: a sandal tongue, a sandal, slipper
Strong's Concordance
dryshod, shoe latchet,

Or (feminine) na;alah {nah-al-aw'}; from na'al; properly, a sandal tongue; by extens. A sandal or slipper (sometimes as a symbol of occupancy, a refusal to marry, or of something valueless) -- dryshod, (pair of) shoe((-latchet), -s).

see HEBREW na'al


H5275. naal

or naalah נַ֫עַלnoun feminineJoshua 9:5 sandal, shoe (Late Hebrew id.; Arabic id. (also horse-shoe, etc.); Syriac apparently only horse-shoe (rare; also NS) PS2405; compare possibly Ethiopic (obsolete) wife of Levirate marriage Di676); — absolute ׳נGenesis 14:23, נָ֑עַלDeuteronomy 25:10; suffix נַעֲלִיPsalm 60:10; 108:10, נַעַלְךָJoshua 5:15, etc.; dual נַעֲלָ֑יִםAmos 2:6; 8:6; plural נְעָילִםIsaiah 11:15; Song of Solomon 7:2, נְעָלוֺתJoshua 9:5; suffix נְעָלֶיךָExodus 3:5; Ezekiel 24:17, נְעָלָיוIsaiah 5:27, נְעָלֵינוּJoshua 9:13, נַעֲלֵיכֶםExodus 12:11; Ezekiel 24:23; — sandal Judges 9:13; Amos 2:6; 8:6 (dual = pair of sandals; mentioned as of little worth); Deuteronomy 29:4; on (ב‎) feet Joshua 9:5 (JE), 1 Kings 2:5; Ezekiel 24:23; Exodus 12:11 (P); compare בַּנְּעָלִים מְּעָמַיִךְ‎ Cant 7:2, בַּנ ׳וְהִדְרִיךְIsaiah 11:15; put on sandal is נ ׳שִׂים בְּרֶגֶלEzekiel 24:17; loose the sandal is חָלַץIsaiah 20:2; Deuteronomy 25:9 compare 25:10; שַׁל‎ (Imperative) Exodus 3:5 (E), Joshua 5:15 (JE); שָׁלַףRuth 4:7-8, (compare BurtonMidian ii. 197); sandal-thong is שְׂרוֺךְGenesis 14:23; Isaiah 5:27; נַעֲלִי אַשְׁלִיךְ עַלאֱֿדוֺםPsalm 60:10 upon Edom do I cast my sandal = 108:10, denotes either contempt (Hup; עַל‎ = unto, figurative of slave), or taking possession of (Fl in De, Che Bae), "" רַחְצִי סִיר מוֺאָב‎ favoursformer. — On symbolic use of sandal see further GoldziherAbh. z. Arab. Philol. i. 47 f. JacobArab. Dicht. iv. 23.