Word Summary
nacak: to pour out
Original Word: נָסַךְ
Transliteration: nacak
Phonetic Spelling: (naw-sak')
Part of Speech: Verb
Short Definition: to pour out
Meaning: to pour out, a libation, to cast, to anoint a, king
Strong's Concordance
cover, melt, offer, cause to pour out, set up

A primitive root; to pour out, especially a libation, or to cast (metal); by analogy, to anoint a king -- cover, melt, offer, (cause to) pour (out), set (up).


H5258. nacak

I. נָסַךְverb pour out (Late Hebrew id., pour, cast (metals, Pi`el make libation; Phoenician נסךcast gold or iron Lzb323f.; נְסַךְ ᵑ7make libation; Syriac pour out; Arabic , originally be-pour, waterZMG xii (1887), 719 (rare), usually worship Lane3032 (compare RSSemitic i. 213; 2d ed. 229), i.e. pour out blood of victim, pour out wine WeHeid. 2, 114, 118, 142; —

Qal Perfect3masculine singular נָסַךְIsaiah 29:10; 40:19; נָסָ֑ךְ44:10; Imperfect3masculine plural יִסְּכוּHosea 9:4; 2masculine singular תִּסְּכוּExodus 30:9; Infinitive לִנְסֹךְIsaiah 30:1; Participle Pass. feminine נְסוּכָה25:7; —

1 pour out, with עַל‎ (the spirit of deep sleep) Isaiah 29:10.

2 pour out libations, with accusative נֶסֶךְExodus 30:9 (P); מַסֵּכָהIsaiah 30:1; יַיִןHosea 9:4.

3 cast metal images, with accusative מֶּסֶלIsaiah 40:19; 44:10.

Piel Imperfect יְנַסֵךְ1 Chronicles 11:18 pour out as libation, with accusative מַיִם‎ + ליהוה‎ (= 2 Samuel 23:16 Hiph`il).

Hiph`il Perfect3masculine plural הִסִּכוּJeremiah 32:39; Imperfect3masculine singular וַיַּסֵךְGenesis 35:14 2t.; 1 singular אַסִּיךְPsalm 16:4; 3masculine plural וַיַסִּיכוּEzekiel 20:28; Imperative הַסֵךְNumbers 28:7; Infinitive absolute הַסֵּיךְJeremiah 44:17; הַסֵךְ7:18 3t.; construct לְהַסֵךְ44:19, 25 (Köi. 309); — pour out libations, with accusative נֶסֶךְGenesis 35:14 (E), 2 Kings 16:13; Numbers 28:7 (P), מַיִם2 Samuel 23:16 ליהוה‎; elsewhere, נְסָכִים‎ to other gods Jeremiah 7:18; 19:13; 32:29; 44:17-18, 19 (twice in verse); 44:25; Ezekiel 20:28; Psalm 16:4.

Hoph`al Imperfect3masculine singular יֻסַּךְbe poured out, Exodus 25:29; 37:16, of holy wine, with בְ‎ of vessels.

III. [נָסַךְ‎] verb set, install (Assyrian nasâku, id., whence nasîku, prince, DlHWB 472; see also Muss-ArnHebraica. vi. 89. R. 17 and references); —

Qal Perfect1singular עַלצִֿיּוֺן מַלְכִּי נָסַכְתִּיPsalm 2:6 I have installed my king upon Zion.

Niph`al Perfect1singular נִסַּכְתִּיProverbs 8:23 I was installed (of Wisdom).

נְסַךְverb pour out (see Biblical Hebrew I. נָסַךְ‎); —

Pa`el (more Generally): Infinitive לֵהּ לְנַסָּכָהDaniel 2:46 to offer in sacrifice to him, with accusative וְנִיחֹחִין מִנְחָה‎.