Word Summary
Nimrod: a son of Cush and founder of the Bab. kingdom
Original Word: נִמְרוֹד
Transliteration: Nimrod
Phonetic Spelling: (nim-rode')
Part of Speech: Proper Name Masculine
Short Definition: a son of Cush and founder of the Bab. kingdom
Meaning: Nimrod -- a son of Cush and founder of the Babylonian kingdom
Strong's Concordance

Or Nimrod {nim-rode'}; probably of foreign origin; Nimrod, a son of Cush -- Nimrod.


H5248. Nimrod

נִמְרוֺד נִמְרֹד,proper name, masculine Nimrod (etymology and meaning wholly unknown; Thes (dubious) below מָרַדrebel (of which Hebr. may have thought [compare LagBN 105]); in fact probably Babylonian name;

1 = a god e.g. Marduk, Wecompare Hexateuch (2), 308 f.; Nimrod, Encycl. Brit. (9). xvii. 511, RSSemitic i. 91 n.; 2d ed. 92; HomPSBA xv (1893), 291-300 proposes Narûdu = *Namra-uddu, a star-god.

2 < name of Babylonian king or prince: Nu-marad = 'Man of Marad' compare DlPa 220 DeGenesis 10:8 [1887]; more plausibly = Nazi-maraddash (marattash, murudas), HptAR July, 1884, 93 f. DlK (1884) SayAth. Feb. 16, 1895, Acad. Mar. 2, 1895 (compare Cheib. Mar. 9), — i.e. a Kashite king, B.C. 1378, but dubious, compare HptBAS i (1889), 183, JeremIzdubar-Nimrod, 1891, 1 ff.); — son of כּוּשׁ‎ (q. v.), hero and hunter 10:8-9, (J; king in Babylonia, builder of Nineveh, etc. 10:10f.), נִמְרוֺד1 Chronicles 1:10; נִמְרֹד אֶרֶץMicah 5:5 ("" אַשּׁוּר אֶרֶץ‎); ᵐ5Νεβρωδ.