Word Summary
natar: to keep
Original Word: נָטַר
Transliteration: natar
Phonetic Spelling: (naw-tar')
Part of Speech: Verb
Short Definition: to keep
Meaning: to guard, to cherish
Strong's Concordance
bear grudge, keeper, reserve

A primitive root; to guard; figuratively, to cherish (anger) -- bear grudge, keep(-er), reserve.


H5201. natar

[נָטַר‎] verb keep (less common "" of נָצַר‎) (Late Hebrew id.; נְטַר ᵑ7‎, Syriac id.; Nabataean in proper name Lzb323 (compare also below), Arabic id. (object garden, etc.)); —

Qal Perfect1singular נָטָ֑רְתִּיSong of Solomon 1:6; Imperfect3masculine singular יִטּוֺרPsalm 103:9, יִנְטוֺרJeremiah 3:5; read וַיִּטֹּר‎ also Amos 1:11 (for יִטְרֹף ᵑ0‎) OlPsalm 103:9 We Now GASm Dr; 2 masculine singular תִּטִּרLeviticus 19:18; 1singular אֶטּוֺרJeremiah 3:12; Participle active נוֺטֵרNahum 1:2; feminine נֹטֵרָהSong of Solomon 1:6; masculine plural נֹטְרִים8:11-12, —

1 keep, maintain (that is, wrath), of ׳יJeremiah 3:5, 12; Nahum 1:2 (with לְfor), Psalm 103:9; of Edom Amos 1:11 (reading אַמּוֺ לָעַד וַיִּטֹּרand he kept his anger perpetually, see above).

2 keep, guard a vineyard Song of Solomon 1:6, 6 (in figurative), absolute 8:11, object מִּרְיוֺ8:12.