Word Summary
nezaq: to suffer injury
Original Word: נְזַק
Transliteration: nezaq
Phonetic Spelling: (nez-ak')
Part of Speech: Verb
Short Definition: to suffer injury
Meaning: to suffer injury
Strong's Concordance
have damage, hurtful

(Aramaic) corresponding to the root of nezeq; to suffer (causatively, inflict) loss -- have (en-)damage, hurt(-ful).

see HEBREW nezeq


H5142. nezaq

[נְזַק‎] verb suffer injury (ᵑ7id.; Assyrian nazâ‡u, injure; on combination with Arabic impair, see BaES 51 FräBAS iii. 81); —

Pe`al Participle נָזִ֑קDaniel 6:3.

Haph`el injure: Imperfect3feminine singular תְּהַנְזִ֑ק‎ (K§ 33, 2) Ezra 4:13 (accusative of person). Participle active f. construct מַלְכְין מְהַנְזְקַת4:15; Infinitive construct מ ׳לְהַנְזָתַ4:22 (Kib. d); M§ 48 c קֻת‎-).