Word Summary
nuts: flee away, bud forth
Original Word: נוּץ
Transliteration: nuts
Phonetic Spelling: (noots)
Part of Speech: Verb
Short Definition: flee away, bud forth
Meaning: to flash, to blossom, to fly away
Strong's Concordance
flee away, bud forth

A primitive root; properly, to flash; hence, to blossom (from the brilliancy of color); also, to fly away (from the quickness of motion) -- flee away, bud (forth).


H5132. nuts

I. [נָצָה‎] verb fly (?); — only

Qal Perfect 3 plural (si vera lectio) גַּםנָֿ֑עוּ נָצ֫וּLamentations 4:15 (of homeless exiles); text very dubious; read perhapsנָ֫דוּ‎ (compare Genesis 4:12, 14), so Bu; Löhr (more venturesomely) מָנוֺחַ יִמְצְאוּ לֹא כִּי‎; Buhl13perhaps נָָֽגְעוּ גַּם כִּי‎.