Word Summary
nua: to quiver, wave, waver, tremble, totter
Original Word: נוּעַ
Transliteration: nua
Phonetic Spelling: (noo'-ah)
Part of Speech: Verb
Short Definition: to quiver, wave, waver, tremble, totter
Meaning: to quiver, wave, waver, tremble, totter
Strong's Concordance
continually, fugitive, make, to go up and down, be gone away

A primitive root; to waver, in a great variety of applications, literally and figuratively (as subjoined) -- continually, fugitive, X make, to (go) up and down, be gone away, (be) move(-able, -d), be promoted, reel, remove, scatter, set, shake, sift, stagger, to and fro, be vagabond, wag, (make) wander (up and down).


H5128. nua

נוּעַverb quiver, wave, waver, tremble, totter (Late Hebrew Pilpal נִעְנַעshake, Aramaic נוּעַwaver, stagger (rare); Arabic , bend (of boughs), see commotus fuit (of id.), so Kam Frey; also change, kind, species, variety; Di compare Ethiopic hunt); —

Qal Perfect נָ֫עוּJob 28:4 +; וְנָע֫וּAmos 4:8 2t.; Imperfect וַיָּ֫נַעIsaiah 7:2-3;feminine singular תָּנוּעַ24:20; אֲנוּעֲךָ2 Samuel 15:20 Kt (but read Qr Hiph`il q. v.); יָנ֫וּעוּPsalm 109:10; יְנוּע֑וּן59:16 Kt (so read; not Qr Hiph`il), etc.; Infinitive absolute Isaiah 24:20; Psalm 109:10; construct נוּעַJudges 9:9 3t.; נוֺעַIsaiah 7:2; Participle נָעGenesis 4:12, 14; נָעִיםProverbs 22:19; נָעוֺת1 Samuel 1:13: —

1 wave, of trees, followed by עַלJudges 9:9, 11, 13 followed by מִמְּנֵי‎ of cause Isaiah 7:2; quiver, vibrate, of lips 1 Samuel 1:13; swing (to and fro) of miners Job 28:4 ("" דלל‎); stagger like drunkard, of mariners in storm Psalm 107:27 ("" חגג‎), compare Isaiah 29:9 ("" שׁכר‎); hence be unstable, figurative of ways of harlot Proverbs 5:6; tremble, of doorposts, Isaiah 6:4 (followed by מִן‎ causative ), idols 19:1 (followed by מִמְּנֵי‎), earth 24:20 ("" התנודד‎), people Exodus 20:18 (E); figurative of heart Isaiah 7:2.

2 totter, go tottering (faint and uncertain) Lamentations 4:14 4:15 ("" נוּץ‎), Amos 8:12 ("" שׁוטט‎); as beggars Psalm 109:10 ("" שִׁאֵל‎), compare 59:16; Amos 4:8 followed by אֶלֿ‎; participle vagabond Genesis 4:12, 14 (both "" נָד‎); figurative = err, sin, Jeremiah 14:10.

Niph`al Imperfect יִנּוֺעַAmos 9:9 be tossed about (of corn) in a sieve; יִנּוֺעוּid., of bulwarks as fig-trees Nahum 3:12 ("" נפל‎).

Hiph`il Perfect3feminine singular הֵנִ֫יעָה2 Kings 19:21 = Isaiah 37:22; וַהֲנִָֽעוֺתִ֫יAmos 9:9; Imperfect יָנִיעַZephaniah 2:15; jussive יָ֫נַע2 Kings 23:18; אֲנִיעֲךָ2 Samuel 15:20 Qr (compare Qal); יְנִיעוּןPsalm 109:25 + 59:16 Qr (read Kt

Qal q. v. ), etc.; Imperative suffix הֲנִיעֵ֫מוֺPsalm 59:12; —

1 toss about Amos 9:9 subject ׳י‎, object Israel followed by בַּגּוֺיִם‎ (compare Niph`al).

2 shake, cause to totter: = set me tottering Daniel 10:10 on my knees and hands; especially shake or wag the head, in mockery 2 Kings 19:21 = Isaiah 37:22 ("" לעג בוז,‎) compare Psalm 22:8; 109:25; followed by עַלֿJob 16:4 (ר ׳בְּמוֺ‎ [Ges§ 119q]), also Lamentations 2:15 ("" שׁרק‎), Zephaniah 2:15 יָדוֺ‎ ("" id.), [see also Ecclus 12:18; Ecclus 13:7 (׳בְּר‎)].

3 (shake), disturb, bones of dead 2 Kings 23:18.

4 cause to wander Numbers 32:13 (J); 2 Samuel 15:20 (followed by ללכת‎); Psalm 59:12 ("" הוריד‎, for which LagProph. Chald. xlviii. proposes הניד‎).