Word Summary
nu: to hinder, restrain, frustrate
Original Word: נוּא
Transliteration: nu
Phonetic Spelling: (noo)
Part of Speech: Verb
Short Definition: to hinder, restrain, frustrate
Meaning: to refuse, forbid, dissuade, neutralize
Strong's Concordance
break, disallow, discourage, make of none effect

A primitive root; to refuse, forbid, dissuade, or neutralize -- break, disallow, discourage, make of none effect.


H5106. nu

[נוא‎] verb hinder, restrain, frustrate (Arabic () (or ) rise with difficulty, rise against one (Frey), III. contend with, Lane2861); —

Qal Imperfect2masculine plural תנואוןNumbers 32:7 Kt, but read Hiph`il (so Qr), compare Di.

Hiph`il Perfect הֵנִיאNumbers 30:6, etc.; Imperfect יָנִיא30:9, יָנִיPsalm 141:5, תְּנִיאוּןNumbers 32:7 Qr; —

1 restrain, forbid (performance of vow), followed by accusative of person Numbers 30:6 (twice in verse); 30:9; 30:12; frustrate (device of people), subject ׳י‎, followed by accusative of thing, Psalm 33:10 ("" הֵפִיר‎); refuse 141:5 ((text dubious see Che).

2 restrain, make averse the heart (accusative) Numbers 32:7 (followed by מֵעֲבֹר‎), 32:9 (followed by לְבִלְתִּיבֿאֹ‎).