Word Summary
nahar: to flow, stream
Original Word: נָהַר
Transliteration: nahar
Phonetic Spelling: (naw-har')
Part of Speech: Verb
Short Definition: to flow, stream
Meaning: to sparkle, be cheerful, to flow, assemble
Strong's Concordance
flow together, be lightened

A primitive root; to sparkle, i.e. (figuratively) be cheerful; hence (from the sheen of a running stream) to flow, i.e. (figuratively) assemble -- flow (together), be lightened.


H5102. nahar

I. [נָהַר‎] verb flow, stream (Arabic run, flow; perhaps denominative from river, and this loan-word (compare Frä285); Assyrian nûru, stream, river, DlHWB 440; Aramaic , נַהֲרָאriver); —

Qal Perfect3plural consecutive וְנָָֽהֲרוּIsaiah 2:2 2t.; Imperfect3masculine plural יִנְהֲרוּJeremiah 51:44; — flow, stream only figurative: of restored Israel streaming י ׳אֶלטֿוּב וגו ׳עַלדָּֿגָן31:12; nations to (אֶלֿ‎) Bel 51:44; to temple-hill at Jerusalem Isaiah 2:2 (אֵלָיו‎) = Micah 4:1 (עָלָיו‎).

II. נָהַרverb shine, beam (Aramaic) (Late Hebrew id., especially in derivatives; Assyrian nûru, light, DlHWB 440; Arabic daytime, day, daytime; Aramaic shine, נְהַרid.; Palmyrene נהיראillustrious, e.g. VogPalm. No. 22); —

Qal Perfect2feminine singular consecutive וְנָהַרְתְּIsaiah 60:5; 3plural נָהָ֑רוּPsalm 34:6; — beam, be radiant, figurative of joy: וְנ ׳תִּרְאִיIsaiah 60:5, וְנ אֵלָיו ׳הִבִּיטוּPsalm 34:6 (read וּנְהָרוּ ׳הַבּ,‎, see ᵑ9 ᵑ6 ᵐ5‎ Che Bae Du).

נְהַר14 noun masculineDaniel 7:10 river (see Biblical Hebrew I. נהר‎); — absolute ׳נ7:10; emphatic נַהֲרָהEzra 4:10 +, אָ֯‎, 4:16; — river, usually of Euphrase, in phrase נ ׳עֲבַר4:10-11, 16 10t. Ezra; ׳נ דִּינֿוּרDaniel 7:10 a river of fire, in vision.