Word Summary
nadad: to retreat, flee, depart, stray, wander, flutter
Original Word: נָדַד
Transliteration: nadad
Phonetic Spelling: (naw-dad')
Part of Speech: Verb
Short Definition: to retreat, flee, depart, stray, wander, flutter
Meaning: to wave to and fro, to rove, flee, to drive away
Strong's Concordance
chase away, could not, depart, flee apace, away, remove, thrust away, wander abroad,

A primitive root; properly, to wave to and fro (rarely to flap up and down); figuratively, to rove, flee, or (causatively) to drive away -- chase (away), X could not, depart, flee (X apace, away), (re-)move, thrust away, wander (abroad, -er, -ing).


H5074. nadad

I. [נָדַד‎] verb retreat, flee, depart, stray, wander, flutter (Late Hebrew id.; Arabic flee, run away; Aramaic hate, abominate, shrink from, Aph`el put to flight, etc.; נְדַדflee ); —

Qal Perfect3feminine singular נָָֽדְדָהIsaiah 10:31; Esther 6:1; 3plural נָָֽדְדוּHosea 7:13 4t., נָדָ֑דוּIsaiah 21:15; Jeremiah 4:25; Imperfect יִדּוֺדNahum 3:7; 3feminine singular וַתִּדֹּדGenesis 31:40; 3masculine plural יִדֹּדוּןPsalm 68:13 (twice in verse); Infinitive construct נְדֹד55:8; Participle נֹדֵדJeremiah 49:5 +; feminine נוֺדֶ֫דֶתProverbs 27:8; plural נֹדְדִיםHosea 9:17; —

1 retreat, flee Isaiah 21:15 from before (מִמְּנֵי‎) swords; 33:3 at the sound (מִקּוֺל‎) of tumult; absolute 10:31; 22:3; Psalm 68:13 (twice in verse), of birds and beasts Jeremiah 4:25; 9:9 (+ הָלָ֑כוּ‎); participle= fugitive Isaiah 16:3; 21:14; of fleeing in horror, disgust, with מִן‎ person Nahum 3:7; Psalm 31:12.

2 flee, depart, Israel from ׳י (מִןׅHosea 7:13; of sleep (מֵעֵינַי‎) Genesis 31:40 (E), absolute Esther 6:1.

3 wander, stray (homeless, compare נוד‎), נוֺדֵד עוֺףIsaiah 16:2 (in simile), so Proverbs 27:8 (מִן‎ local, in simile), compare 27:8 (מִן‎ local); of scattered Israel Hosea 9:17; Jeremiah 49:5; (searching) for food Job 15:23 (wicked man); נְדֹד אַרְתִיקPsalm 55:8 I will wander afar.

4 transitive flutter wings (of bird, in figure) Isaiah 10:14.

Po`el Perfect consecutive וְנֹדַ֔ד זָָֽרְחָה שֶׁמֶשׁNahum 3:17 the sun hath arisen and it ( the locust swarm) fleeth away.

Hiph`il chase away, Imperfect3masculine plural suffix יְנִדֻּ֑הוּ וּמִתֵּבֵלJob 18:18 (of wicked, "" מֵאוֺר יֶהְדְּפֻהוּ‎).

Hoph`al be chased away, Imperfect3masculine singular כְּחֶזְיוֺן וְיֻדַּדJob 20:8 (of wicked); מֻנָֿד קוֺץ2 Samuel 23:6 thorns thrust away (si vera lectio, compare Dr.; Klo Bu HPS ׳ק מִדְבָּר‎).

Hithpo`el. Imperfect יִתְנוֺדְדוּPsalm 64:9 flee away (in horror, disgust, compare

Qal Nahum 3:7; Psalm 31:12).

[נְדַד‎] verb flee (see Biblical Hebrew I. נדד‎); —

Pe`al Perfect3feminine singular עֲלוֺהִי נַדַּת שִׁנְּתֵהּ‎ (K§ 46, Beisp. a)) Daniel 6:19.