Word Summary
nadab: to incite, impel
Original Word: נָדַב
Transliteration: nadab
Phonetic Spelling: (naw-dab')
Part of Speech: Verb
Short Definition: to incite, impel
Meaning: to impel, to volunteer, to present spontaneously
Strong's Concordance
offer freely, be give, make, offer self willingly

A primitive root; to impel; hence, to volunteer (as a soldier), to present spontaneously -- offer freely, be (give, make, offer self) willing(-ly).


H5068. nadab

נָדַבverb incite, impel (Late Hebrew id.; Arabic call impel, incite ( be noble, willing, Generous is denominative from [ compare] נָדִיב‎ according to BaNB § 125 e); VIII. ready, willing; Assyrian nidbu, freewill-offering DlHWB 448; Aramaic נְדַבbe willing Pa`el, Ithpa`al; Zinjirli נדבinciting, instigation DHMSendsch. 60); —

Qal Perfect3masculine singular נָדַבExodus 35:29; 3feminine singular נָָֽדְבָה35:21; Imperfect3masculine singular suffix יִדְּבֶנּוּ25:2; — לִבּוֺ נָדַב אֲשֶׁר25:2 whose heart incited compare 35:29; subject רוּחַ35:21 (all P).

Hithpa`el Perfect1singular הִתְנַדַּבְתִּי1 Chronicles 29:27; 3masculine plural הִתְנַדְּבוּEzra 2:68; 1 Chronicles 29:9; Imperfect3masculine plural יִתְנַדְּבוּ29:6; Infinitive הִתְנַדֵּבJudges 5:2 2t.; הִתְנַדֶּבֿ1 Chronicles 29:17; sf הִתְנַדְּבָם29:9; Participle מִתְנַדֵּבEzra 3:5 + 2.t.; plural מִתְנַדְּבִיםJudges 5:9; Nehemiah 11:2; —

1 volunteer for war Judges 5:2, 9; for service of other kinds 2 Chronicles 17:16; Nehemiah 11:2.

2 offer freewill-offerings for the first temple 1 Chronicles 29:5-6, 9 (twice in verse); 29:14, 17 (twice in verse); for the second Ezra 1:4; 2:68; 3:5 (compare Biblical Aramaic).