Word Summary
Nebayoth: oldest son of Ishmael, also his desc
Original Word: נְבָיוֹת
Transliteration: Nebayoth
Phonetic Spelling: (neb-aw-yoth')
Part of Speech: Proper Name Feminine
Short Definition: oldest son of Ishmael, also his desc
Meaning: Nebaioth -- oldest son of Ishmael, also his desc
Strong's Concordance
Nebaioth, Nebajoth

Or Nbayoth {neb-aw-yoth'}; feminine plural from nuwb; fruitfulnesses; Nebajoth, a son of Ismael, and the country settled by him -- Nebaioth, Nebajoth.

see HEBREW nuwb


H5032. Nebayoth

נְבָּיוֺתproper name, of a people (Nabataean נבטו‎ = Nabataean and Nabataeans, EutNab 1.4 and often, compare נבט‎ of Jewish tradition NöZMG xxiv. 1871, 124, ᵑ7 נבטIsaiah 60:7 (on form of name, and on ט‎ = ת‎ compare LagBN 51 f.); in Assyrian Nabaitai, etc., SchrCOT Genesis 25:13; KGF 99 ff.. DlPar 296 f.); — as (eldest) son of Ishmael (brother of Kedar) 25:13; 28:9; 36:3 (all P), 1 Chronicles 1:29; people ("" Kedar) Isaiah 60:7, compare Nabataei + Cedrei PlinNH v. 11, 65; ᵐ5Ναβαιωθ; Greek Ναβαταῖοι. — See further NöZMG xxiv. 1871, 122 f. EutNab p.78 GASmGeogr. 547-629 pass.