Word Summary
Nob: a priestly city, perhaps also a place North of Jer
Original Word: נֹב
Transliteration: Nob
Phonetic Spelling: (nobe)
Part of Speech: Proper Name Location
Short Definition: a priestly city, perhaps also a place North of Jer
Meaning: Nob -- a priestly city, perhaps also a place North of Jerusalem
Strong's Concordance

The same as nowb; fruit; Nob, a place in Palestine -- Nob.

see HEBREW nowb


H5011. Nob

נֹבproper name, of a location1. ancient priestly city 1 Samuel 22:19 compare 22:11 with ה‎ locative נֹ֫בֶה‎ (Ges§ 90, 2 near the end), 21:2; 22:9; ᵐ5Νομβα, Νομμα, Νοβα, etc.; perhaps = נְבוֺ‎ (q. v.) Ezra 2:29 = Nehemiah 7:33; Ezra 10:43, ᵐ5Ναβσυ, Ναβια, etc. Site dubious; on Jerome's identification with Nobe near Lydda compare BuhlGeogr. 189; a B¢t N¥b¹ lies approximately 13 miles west-northwest from Jerusalem, approximately 10 miles southeast from Lydda.

2 Isaiah 10:32 just north of Jerusalem, station in (ideal) Assyr. march; compare Nehemiah 11:32 (inhabitants by Benjamites); perhaps =

12 Samuel 21:6 read גֹּב‎ (q. v. p.146 above)

נבא‎ (√ of following; **see in Biblical Aramaic Appendix. Ew Fl De KöLgb ii. 1, 133 and others camp. Arabic utter a low voice, or sound, (especially of dog); announce; but also be exalted, elevated eminence); III, IV. acquaint, inform, information announcement, intelligence]; Assyrian nabû, call, proclaim, name, DlHWB 441; Ethiopic speak; Sabean תנבא‎ ? compare Levy-OsZMG xix. 1865, 208 CISiv. 1, No. 31; Ges Kue and others think weakened form of נבעbubble up, pour forth (of flow of words under excitement of inspiration); Hup Ri Sch compare נאם‎; see careful discussions by RSProph. ii, n. 18OB i. 71 f f.)