Word Summary
naveh: comely, seemly
Original Word: נָאוֶה
Transliteration: naveh
Phonetic Spelling: (naw-veh')
Part of Speech: Adjective
Short Definition: comely, seemly
Meaning: suitable, beautiful
Strong's Concordance
becometh, comely, seemly

From na'ah or naveh; suitable, or beautiful -- becometh, comely, seemly.

see HEBREW na'ah

see HEBREW naveh


H5000. naveh

נָאוֶהadjective comely, seemly; — ׳נ‎ masculine Song of Solomon 2:14 3t.; feminine נָאוָהPsalm 33:1 4t., נָוָהJeremiah 6:2; —

1 comely, beautiful, of woman Song of Solomon 1:5; 6:4 ("" יָפָה‎) of face 2:14 (מַרְאֶה‎) so נָוָהJeremiah 6:2 (figurative of Jerusalem; "" מְעֻנָּגָה‎); of mouth Song of Solomon 4:3 ("" שְׂפָתוֺת‎).

2 seemly, of praise תְּהִלָּהPsalm 33:1; 147:1; subject שְׂפַתיֶֿתֶרProverbs 17:7 (compare Song of Solomon 4:3); תַּעֲנוּג‎ Cant 19:10; כָּבוֺד‎ Cant 26:1. So also Psalm 93:5 Masora (anomalous feminine) see [נאה‎] above

נְאוֺת‎ see II. [ נָוָה‎] below II. נוה‎.

נאם‎ √ of following; compare groan, sigh; perhaps also Late Hebrew נוּםspeak).