Word Summary
illek: these
Original Word: אִלֵּךְ
Transliteration: illek
Phonetic Spelling: (il-lake')
Part of Speech: demonstrative pronoun plural
Short Definition: these
Meaning: these
Strong's Concordance
these, those

(Aramaic) prolonged from 'el; these -- these, those.

see HEBREW 'el


H479. illek

אִלֵּךְdemonstrative pronoun plural these (plural of דֵּךְ‎, q. v.: Egyptian Aramaic אלך‎ (Cooke207 RES361 B S-CPap. E 6+): with prefixed, Old Syriac , feminine Nö§ 67, M§ 82 BurkittEvang. da-Mepharreshe ii.42, Christian-Palestinian Aramaic (masculine and feminine) SchwIdioticon 24; compare Arabic , Ethiopic : DiLex.1057: the demonstrative affix ך‎ as in דֵּךְ‎, , etc.; WCG 110); — these, אִלֵּךְ גֻּבְרַיָּאthese men, Daniel 3:12-13, 21, 22, 23, 27; 6:6; 6:12; 6:16; 6:25; Ezra 4:21; Ezra 16:8b; also 5:9; 6:8a.