Word Summary
mor: myrrh
Original Word: מֹר
Transliteration: mor
Phonetic Spelling: (mor)
Part of Speech: Noun Masculine
Short Definition: myrrh
Meaning: myrrh
Strong's Concordance

Or mowr {more}; from marar; myrrh (as distilling in drops, and also as bitter) -- myrrh.

see HEBREW marar


H4753. mor

מוֺר מֹר,noun masculineSong of Solomon 5:5 myrrh (from bitter taste; Assyrian murru MeissnSuppl. 60; Arabic ; compare LagBN 40); — absolute מֹרPsalm 45:9 5t., מוֺרSong of Solomon 4:6 3t. Cant; construct מָרֿExodus 30:23; suffix מוֺרִיSong of Solomon 5:1; — myrrh (late), an Arabian gum, exuding from the bark of a tree, Balsamodendron Myrrha (see SigismundAromata 12 f. RiHWB under the word): — as flowing, i.e. fine, choice (carefully prepared by pressing and mixing, compare DiExodus 30:23 RiHWB): מָרדְּֿרוֺר30:23 (see I. דְּרוֺר‎), ingredient of sacred oil; עֹבֵר מוֺרSong of Solomon 5:5, 13 (as perfume); compare (as perfume) 1:13; 4:14; 5:1, 5; הַרהַֿמּוֺר4:6, i.e. where it is gathered; as perfume also Psalm 45:9; Proverbs 7:17, as incense וּלְבֹנָה מֹר מְקֻטֶּרֶתSong of Solomon 3:6; הַמּוֺר שֶׁמֶן‎ as unguent Esther 2:12.