Word Summary
miqshah: perhaps hammered work
Original Word: מִקְשָׁה
Transliteration: miqshah
Phonetic Spelling: (mik-shaw')
Part of Speech: Noun Feminine
Short Definition: perhaps hammered work
Meaning: rounded work, moulded by hammering
Strong's Concordance
beaten out of one piece, work, upright, whole piece

Feminine of miqsheh; rounded work, i.e. Moulded by hammering (repousse) -- beaten (out of one piece, work), upright, whole piece.

see HEBREW miqsheh


H4749. miqshah

II. מִקְשָׁהnoun feminine perhaps hammered work, only of metals (originally turner's work?); — absolute ׳מ‎, of cherubim in tabernacle Exodus 25:18; 37:7, lampstand 25:31, 36; 37:17, 22; Numbers 8:4 (twice in verse), clarions 10:2. — I.׳מֹ‎ see קשׁא‎.