Word Summary
miqtsoa: a corner buttress
Original Word: מַקְצוֹעַ
Transliteration: miqtsoa
Phonetic Spelling: (mak-tso'-ah)
Part of Speech: Noun Masculine
Short Definition: a corner buttress
Meaning: a corner buttress
Strong's Concordance
corner, turning

Or maqtsoa {mak-tso-ah}; or (feminine) maqtso-ah {mak-tso-aw'}; from qatsa' in the denominative sense of bending; an angle or recess -- corner, turning.

see HEBREW qatsa'


H4740. miqtsoa

מִקָצֹעַnoun masculineEzekiel 46:21 place of corner-structure, (inner) corner-buttress (as (place of) cutting off of an inner angle if √ rightly explained; see RSl.c. 71-81); — absolute ׳מNehemiah 3:19 +, צוֺעַ‎- 3:20 +; construct צֹעַ‎- Ezekiel 46:21 (twice in verse); plural absolute מִקָצֹעֹתExodus 26:24; 36:29, construct עוֺת‎- Ezekiel 46:22, מִקְצוֺעֵי46:21, also מְקֻצְעֹתExodus 26:23; 36:28 Di (not

Pu`al Participle from קָצַע‎ Thes BuhlLex 13 and others), but read probably מִקְצֹעֹת‎, so SS Baen; suffix מִקְצֹעוֺתָיוEzekiel 41:22;-corner-post of altar 41:22, tabernacle Exodus 26:23-24, = 36:28-29, (inner) buttress-place of court, where the small corner-courts were, Ezekiel 46:21 (3 t. in verse); 46:22; of inner (rock- ?) buttress at northeast corner of wall of Jerusalem, ׳הַמּ‎, nearly = proper name, Nehemiah 3:19-20, 25, also (distinguished from מִּנָּה‎) 3:24; 2 Chronicles 26:9.