Word Summary
mappeleth: carcass, ruin, an overthrow
Original Word: מַפֶּלֶת
Transliteration: mappeleth
Phonetic Spelling: (map-peh'-leth)
Part of Speech: Noun Feminine
Short Definition: carcass, ruin, an overthrow
Meaning: fall, decadence, a ruin, a carcase
Strong's Concordance
carcass, fall, ruin

From naphal; fall, i.e. Decadence; concretely, a ruin; specifically a carcase -- carcase, fall, ruin.

see HEBREW naphal


H4658. mappeleth

מַמֶּ֫לֶתnoun feminine carcass, ruin, overthrow; —

1 carcass, of lion, ׳מ‎ construct Judges 14:8.

2 elsewhere suffix

a. a ruin, מַמַּלְתּוֺEzekiel 31:13 (kg. under figure of tree).

b. overthrow, id. Ezekiel 31:16 (same figurative); מַמַּלְתֶּ֑ךָ‎ (kg.) 32:10; מַמַּלְתֵּךְ‎ of Tyre) 26:15, 18; 27:27; מַמַּלְתָּם‎ (of wicked) Proverbs 29:16.