Word Summary
maarakah: row, rank, battle line
Original Word: מַעֲרָכָה
Transliteration: maarakah
Phonetic Spelling: (mah-ar-aw-kaw')
Part of Speech: Noun Feminine
Short Definition: row, rank, battle line
Meaning: an arrangement, a pile, a military array
Strong's Concordance
army, fight, be set in order, ordered place, rank, row

Feminine of ma'arak; an arrangement; concretely, a pile; specifically a military array -- army, fight, be set in order, ordered place, rank, row.

see HEBREW ma'arak


H4634. maarakah

מַעֲרָכָהnoun feminine row, rank, battle-line; —

1. a. ׳מbattle-line 1 Samuel 4:2, 12, 16 (twice in verse); הַמּ ׳וַיָּ֑רָץ17:22 and he ran to the battle-line, so 17:28 (on reference here to Israel's line of. HPS), ׳מ מ ׳לפְרַאת17:21; מ ׳עֹדְרֵי1 Chronicles 12:39 (van d. H. v.12:38); nearly= battle אֶלהַֿמּ ׳הַאיּצֵא הַחַיִל1 Samuel 17:20.

b. plural ranks = army; construct יִשׂ ׳מַעַרְכוֺת1 Samuel 17:10, 45, יִשׂ ׳מַעַרְכֹת17:8; חַיִּים אֱלּהִים ׳מ17:26; 17:36; ׳מ מְּלִשְׁתִּים23:3; and 17:23 Qr, so ᵐ5A (v. omitted by B) Vulgate ᵑ7‎; singular ᵐ5L ᵑ6‎ (> Kt מערות‎).

2 הַמַּעֲרָכָה נֵרוֺתExodus 39:37 lamps of the row, i.e. arranged in a row. **

3 order, arrangement: ׳בַּמּJudges 6:26 in the (proper or usual) arrangement of an alter, compare עָרַךְ1a Numbers 23:4 of altar.