Word Summary
Maakah or Maakath: an Israelite name, also a non-Israelite name, also a region in Syria
Original Word: מַעֲכָה
Transliteration: Maakah or Maakath
Phonetic Spelling: (mah-ak-aw')
Part of Speech: proper name, masculine, feminine and of a people; feminine; feminine; of a people
Short Definition: an Israelite name, also a non-Israelite name, also a region in Syria
Meaning: Maacah -- an Israelite name, also a non-Israelite name, also a region in Syria
Strong's Concordance
Maachah, Maachathites

Or Mamakath (Josh. 13:13) {mah-ak-awth'}; from ma'ak; depression; Maakah (or Maakath), the name of a place in Syria, also of a Mesopotamian, of three Israelites, and of four Israelitesses and one Syrian woman -- Maachah, Maachathites. See also Beyth Ma'akah.

see HEBREW ma'ak

see HEBREW Beyth Ma'akah


H4601. Maakah

or Maakath מַעֲכָהproper name, masculine, feminine and of a people 1. masculine ᵐ5Μ(ο)ωχα, Μα(α)χα:

a. son of Nahor by his concubine רְאוּמָהGenesis 22:22 (J), ancestor of people see

3. b. father of חָנָן‎, a hero of David 1 Chronicles 11:43.

c. Simeonite name 1 Chronicles 27:16.

d. father of Achish 1 Kings 2:39 (see מָעוֺךְ‎ above).

2. feminine ᵐ5Μ(ο)ωχα, Μααχα, etc.:

a. Geshurite princess, wife of David, mother of Absalom, 2 Samuel 3:3 = 1 Chronicles 3:2.

b. daughter of Absalom, wife of Rehoboam, mother of Abijam, 1 Kings 15:2; 2 Chronicles 11:20-21, 22; read also ׳מ13:2 (so ᵑ6 ᵐ5‎) for מִיכָיָה ᵑ0‎, where called daughter of Uriel of Gibeah (on this difficulty see Be Öttli, and compare c).

c. mother of Asa, and called also daughter of Absalom (as b) 1 Kings 15:10, compare 15:13 2 Chronicles 15:16, (on this difficulty see Th Kmp: in Kau).

d. concubine of Caleb according to 1 Chronicles 2:48.

e. wife of Machir 1 Chronicles 7:16, compare 7:15 (corrupt, see Be).

f. wife of (יעיאל‎), father of Gibeon, 1 Chronicles 8:29; 9:35.

3. of a people, ᵐ5Μοοχα, Μωχα, Μα(α)χα; dwelling west of Bashan, near Soba, and Geshur (compare especially adjective, of a people below), 2 Samuel 10:6, 8 = 1 Chronicles 19:7, מ ׳אֲרַם19:6 (compare Genesis 22:24 above); = מַעֲכָתJoshua 13:13 (+ גְּשׁוּר‎), ᵐ5ὀ Μαχατει, Μαχαθι. — מַעֲכָה בֵּית אָבֵל‎ see below בַּיִת‎, p. 112 above, and אָבֵל‎, p. 5.

מַעֲכָת‎ see above מַעֲכָה