Word Summary
maon or main: dwelling, habitation
Original Word: מָעוֹן
Transliteration: maon or main
Phonetic Spelling: (maw-ohn')
Part of Speech: Noun Masculine
Short Definition: dwelling, habitation
Meaning: an abode, of God, men, animals, a retreat
Strong's Concordance
den, dwelling-place, habitation

Or maiyn (1 Chronicles 4:41) {maw-een'}; from the same as ownah; an abode, of God (the Tabernacle or the Temple), men (their home) or animals (their lair); hence, a retreat (asylum) -- den, dwelling((-)place), habitation.

see HEBREW ownah


H4583. maon

or main I. מָעוֺןnoun [masculine] dwelling, habitation; — absolute ׳מPsalm 71:3 +, construct מְעוֺןJeremiah 25:30 +, suffix מְעוֺנֶ֑ךָPsalm 91:9, etc.; —

1 lair of jackals Jeremiah 9:10; 10:22; 49:33; 51:37 (all of desolated cities); ׳מ אֲרָיוֺתNahum 2:12 ("" מִרְעֶה‎; figurative of Nineveh).

2 dwelling of ׳י‎:

a. in heaven ׳מ קָדְשְׁךָDeuteronomy 26:15 compare Jeremiah 25:30 ("" מָרוֺם‎), Zechariah 2:17; Psalm 68:6; 2 Chronicles 30:27.

b. in temple ׳מ בְּיתֶ֑ךָPsalm 26:8, מְעוֺנוֺ2 Chronicles 36:15 (only here alone).

3 figurative of ׳י‎ as abode of his people, מ ׳צוּרPsalm 71:3, ׳מ‎ alone 90:1; 91:9. — ׳מ1 Samuel 2:29, 32 is unintelligible (see Commentaries), possibly read מְעוֺיֵן‎ (eyeing [enviously], see עין‎ denominative) Klo HPS, compare ᵐ5‎ Bu. מְעוֺנָהּZephaniah 3:7 is difficult in context, ᵐ5‎ We Now read מֵעֵינֶיה‎ (compare Joshua 9:23; 2 Samuel 3:29).