Word Summary
mistar: a secret place, hiding place
Original Word: מִסְתָּר
Transliteration: mistar
Phonetic Spelling: (mis-tawr')
Part of Speech: Noun Masculine
Short Definition: a secret place, hiding place
Meaning: a secret place, hiding place
Strong's Concordance
secretly, place

From cathar; properly, a concealer, i.e. A covert -- secret(-ly, place).

see HEBREW cathar


H4565. mistar

מִסְתָּרnoun [masculine] secret place, hiding place; — absolute ׳מPsalm 10:9; Habakkuk 3:14; usually plural מִסְתָּרִיםJeremiah 13:17 6t.; suffix מִסְתָּרָיו49:10; —

1 secret place(s), concealed from view, Jeremiah 13:17; where treasures are stored Isaiah 45:3.

2 hiding-place(s):

a. for protection Jeremiah 23:24; 49:10.

b. for perpetration of crime, especially murder: Psalm 10:8 ("" מַאֲרָב‎), simile of lion 10:9, 17:12, compare Habakkuk 3:14; Psalm 64:5; of ׳י‎ lying in wait Lamentations 3:10 (as a lion).