Word Summary
masak: a covering, screen
Original Word: מָסָךְ
Transliteration: masak
Phonetic Spelling: (maw-sawk')
Part of Speech: Noun Masculine
Short Definition: a covering, screen
Meaning: a covering, screen
Strong's Concordance
covering, curtain, hanging

From cakak; a cover, i.e. Veil -- covering, curtain, hanging.

see HEBREW cakak


H4539. masak

מָסָךְnoun [masculine] covering, screen; — absolute ׳מ2 Samuel 17:19 11t.; construct מָסַךְIsaiah 22:8 12t.; —

1 covering, large cloth spread (פרשׂ‎) over well to hide persons within 2 Samuel 17:19; figurative of protection, or of eye-screen, אֶתמֿ ׳וַיְגַל יְהוּדָהIsaiah 22:8; screen, of cloud Psalm 105:39 (פרשׂ‎).

2 name given (in P) to each of three screens, of tabernacle:

a. at gate (שַׁעַר‎) of court Exodus 27:16; 35:17; 38:18; 39:40; 40:8, 33; Numbers 3:26 (מֶּתַח‎), 4:26.

b. at entrance (מֶּתַח‎) of tent Exodus 26:36-37, 35:15; 36:37; 39:38; 40:5, 28; Numbers 3:25, 31; 4:25,

c. הַמּ ׳מָּרֹכֶת‎ (see ׳פ‎), dividing off the Most Holy Place within the tent, Exodus 35:12; 39:34; 40:21; Numbers 4:5.