Word Summary
malqowach: booty, prey
Original Word: מַלְקוֹחַ
Transliteration: malqowach
Phonetic Spelling: (mal-ko'-akh)
Part of Speech: Noun Masculine
Short Definition: booty, prey
Meaning: the jaws, in, spoil
Strong's Concordance
booty, jaws, prey

From laqach; transitively (in dual) the jaws (as taking food); intransitively, spoil (and captives) (as taken) -- booty, jaws, prey.

see HEBREW laqach


H4455. malqowach

I. מַלְקוֺחַnoun masculineIsaiah 49:25 booty, prey (compare לָקַח

9); — מ מִגִּבּוֺר ׳הֲיֻקַּחIsaiah 49:24 ("" שְׁבִי‎), compare 49:25 ("" id.); Numbers 31:26 ("" id.), 31:11 ("" שָׁלָל‎), 31:12 ("" id. + שְׁבִי‎, i.e. here, only, distinguished from captives), 31:32 ("" הַבָּ֔ז יֶתֶר‎), 31:27.

II. [מַלְקוֺחַ‎] noun [masculine] jaw (as taking, seizing food); — dual suffix מַלְקוֺחָ֑י מֻדְבָּק וּלְשׁוֺנִיPsalm 22:16 and my tongue is made to cleave to my jaws, i.e. my gums.