Word Summary
Mlatyah: "Yah delivered", a Gibeonite
Original Word: מְלַטְיָה
Transliteration: Mlatyah
Phonetic Spelling: (mel-at-yaw')
Part of Speech: Proper Name Masculine
Short Definition: "Yah delivered", a Gibeonite
Meaning: Melatiah -- "Yah delivered", a Gibeonite
Strong's Concordance

From melet and Yahh; (whom) Jah has delivered; Melatjah, a Gibeonite -- Melatiah.

see HEBREW melet

see HEBREW Yahh


H4424. Mlatyah

מְלַטְיָהproper name, masculine (Yahweh delivered, compare GrayProp. N. 267, 293) a Gibeonite, a builder at the wall Nehemiah 3:7; ᵐ5L Μαλτιας.

מְלִיצָה‎ see ליץ‎.

I. מלך‎ (√ of following; meaning dubious; Thes compare Arabic possess, own exclusively, compare Ethiopic so BaeRel. 144 (compare בַּעַל‎), and NöZMG xl.1886, 727; LyonBib. Sacr., Apr. 1884 DlProl. 30 and others compare Assyrian malâku, counsel, advise DlHWB 412, Biblical Hebrew and Late Hebrew מָלַךְ‎ Aramaic , מְלַךְ‎, whence king as originally counsellor, he whose opinion is decisive).