Word Summary
millah or milleh: a word, speech, utterance
Original Word: מִלָּה
Transliteration: millah or milleh
Phonetic Spelling: (mil-law')
Part of Speech: Noun Feminine
Short Definition: a word, speech, utterance
Meaning: a word, a discourse, a topic
Strong's Concordance
answer, by-word, matter, any thing what to say, to speaking, speak, talking, word

From malal (plural masculine as if from milleh {mil-leh'}; a word; collectively, a discourse; figuratively, a topic -- + answer, by-word, matter, any thing (what) to say, to speak(-ing), speak, talking, word.

see HEBREW malal


H4405. millah

or milleh מִלָּהnoun feminine word, speech, utterance (in poetry, especially Job; common in Aramaic); — ׳מPsalm 139:4; Job 30:9; suffix מִלָּתִי13:17 3t.; מִלָּתוֺ2 Samuel 23:2; plural מִלִּיםJob 6:26 9t. (all Job); מִלִּין4:2 12t. (all Job); plural suffix מִלָּ֑י19:23 4t.; מִלֶּיךָ4:4; Proverbs 23:9; מִלֵּיהֶםPsalm 19:5; — word בִּלְשׁוֺנִיin (on) my tongue 139:4; word (of ׳י‎), עַללְֿשׁוֺנִיon my tongue 2 Samuel 23:2; מ ׳שֵׂכֶלProverbs 23:9; figurative Psalm 19:5 ("" קַוָּם‎; but read קוֺלָם‎ see Che critical note); elsewhere only Job (34 t.); singular speech, utterance Job 13:17; 21:2; 24:25; 29:22; also word = by-word, לְמִלָּה לָהֶם וָאֱהִי30:9; plural words, 4:4; 6:26; 8:10; 12:11; 15:3 ("" דָּבָר‎), 16:4; 19:2, 23; 32:11, 14; 33:1, 8 (מ ׳קוֺל‎), 34:2-3, 16 (מ ׳קוֺל‎), 36:2, 4; words of God 23:5; words = speech, speaking, יוּכָ֑ל מִי בְּמִלִּין וַעְצֹּר4:2, compare 29:9; utter words, מִלִּין מִמִּיךָ וְהֹצֵאתָ15:13; מ ׳הִגַּדְתָּ26:4; laysnares for words לְמִלִּין קִנְצֵי תְּשִׂימוּן18:2, compare 32:15 מִלִּים מֵהֶם הֶעְתִּיקוּ‎; מִלִּים מָלֵתִי32:18 I am full of words, compare הֲשִׁיבֵנִי אִםיֵֿשׁמִֿלִּין33:32; מִלִּין אֲשִׁיבְךָ35:4; יַכְבִּר מִלִּין בִּבְלִידַֿ֫עַת35:16, compare 38:2.