Word Summary
methar: cord, string
Original Word: מֵיתָר
Transliteration: methar
Phonetic Spelling: (may-thar')
Part of Speech: Noun Masculine
Short Definition: cord, string
Meaning: a cord, the string
Strong's Concordance
cord, string

From yathar; a cord (of a tent) (compare yether) or the string (of a bow) -- cord, string.

see HEBREW yathar

see HEBREW yether


H4340. methar

[מֵיתָר‎] noun masculine cord, string (compare II. יֶתֶר‎); of tent-cords מֵתָרַיJeremiah 10:20; מֵיתָרַיִךְIsaiah 54:2; specifically of cords of tabernacle, מֵיתָרָיוExodus 39:40; Numbers 3:26; מֵיתְרֵיהֶםExodus 35:18; Numbers 3:37; 4:26, 32 (all P); of bow-strings מֵיתָרֶיךָPsalm 21:13.