Word Summary
meta or metah: to reach, attain
Original Word: מְטָא
Transliteration: meta or metah
Phonetic Spelling: (met-aw')
Part of Speech: Verb
Short Definition: to reach, attain
Meaning: to arrive, extend, happen
Strong's Concordance
come, reach

(Aramaic) or mtah (Aramaic) {met-aw'}; apparently corresponding to matsa' in the intransitive sense of being found present; to arrive, extend or happen -- come, reach.

see HEBREW matsa'


H4291. meta

or metah מְטָה מְטָא,verb reach, attain (Targam id., Syriac , compare Christian-Palestinian Aramaic SchulthLex. 108; Ethiopic Arabic (for ) NöZMG xl (1886), 736; distinct from Biblical Hebrew מָצָא‎, etc., q. v.); —

Pe`al Perfect3masculine singular מְטָאDaniel 4:25, ָ ה7:13, 22; 3feminine singular מְטַת4:19, מְטָת4:21 Qr (Kt, erroneous, מטית‎ K§ 47, Beisp. 1) a)); 3 masculine plural מְטוֺ6:25; Imperfect3masculine singular יִמְטֵא4:8; 4:17; —

1. a. reach, come to Daniel 6:25 (ל‎ location); come unto, as far as 7:13 (עַד‎ person); absolute arrive 7:22 (of time; ᵐ5ἐδόθη; see NesMM 41 who compare Arabic IV. give).

b. reach, extend, ל‎ location Daniel 4:8; 4:17; 4:19.

2 with עַל‎ person come upon, befall Daniel 4:21; 4:25.