Word Summary
machamaah: smoother than butter
Original Word: מַחֲמָאָה
Transliteration: machamaah
Phonetic Spelling: (makh-am-aw-aw')
Part of Speech: Noun Feminine
Short Definition: smoother than butter
Meaning: something buttery, as, flattery
Strong's Concordance
than butter

A denominative from chem'ah; something buttery (i.e. Unctuous and pleasant), as (figuratively) flattery -- X than butter.

see HEBREW chem'ah


H4260. machamaah

מַחֲמָאֹתnoun feminine plural curd-like things = smooth, hypocritical, words, only construct מ ׳חָֽלְקוּ מִּיוPsalm 55:22 smooth are the butter-words of his mouth (EW De Hup), but read probably ((פניוׅ פיו מֵחֲמָאֹת חלק(ו)‎) his mouth (face) is smoother than curds (Vrss Ki Thes Ol Che Bae We Du [מֵחֶמְאָה‎]).

מַחֲמָאֹתnoun feminine plural only (apparently construct) ׳מ חָֽלְקוּ מִּיוPsalm 55:22, according to Ew De Hup = curd-like (i.e. smooth, hypocritical) words, smooth are the butter-words of his mouth; but read probably (פניו‎) מִּיו‎ (or מֵחֶמְאָה‎) מֵחֲמָאֹת חלק(ו)his face is smoother thm curds (Vrss Ki Thes Ol Che Bae We).