Word Summary
mezuzah: a doorpost, gatepost
Original Word: מְזוּזָה
Transliteration: mezuzah
Phonetic Spelling: (mez-oo-zaw')
Part of Speech: Noun Feminine
Short Definition: a doorpost, gatepost
Meaning: a doorpost, gatepost
Strong's Concordance
door, side post

Or mzuzah {mez-oo-zaw'}; from the same as ziyz; a door-post (as prominent) -- (door, side) post.

see HEBREW ziyz


H4201. mezuzah

מְזוּזָהnoun feminine door-post, gate-post, absolute ׳מExodus 21:6; Isaiah 57:8; construct מְזוּזַת1 Samuel 1:9; Ezekiel 46:2 + 41:21 (strike out ᵑ6‎ Co compare ᵐ5‎ Hi), 45:19 (twice in verse) (in both ᵑ9 ᵑ6 ᵐ5 מְזוּזוֺת‎ Co); suffix מְזוּזָתִי43:8, מְזוּזָתָם43:8; plural מְזוּזוֺת1 Kings 6:31 2t. (+ Ezekiel 45:19 (twice in verse) Co see above), מְזוּזֹתExodus 12:7 4t., מְזֻזוֺתDeuteronomy 6:9; Judges 16:3; — door-post, gate-post,

1 of dwelling-house Exodus 12:7 (P), 12:22; 12:23; 21:6 (all J E), Deuteronomy 6:9; 11:20 compare Isaiah 57:8; also ׳מ מְּתָחָ֑יProverbs 8:34, מְזוּזָתָםEzekiel 43:8; of Solomon's house 1 Kings 7:5.

2 of house of ׳י‎:

a. of the pre-Solomonic sanctuary of ׳י1 Samuel 1:9.

b. of Solomon's temple 1 Kings 6:33; of the דְּבִיר6:31.

c. of Ezekiel's temple Ezekiel 41:21 (strike out Co see above), 43:8 (מְזוּזָתִי‎), ׳מ הַבַּיִת45:19, ׳מ שַׁעַר45:9, compare 46:2.

3 of city-gates Judges 16:3.