Word Summary
meherah: haste, speed
Original Word: מְהֵ רָה
Transliteration: meherah
Phonetic Spelling: (meh-hay-raw')
Part of Speech: Noun Feminine
Short Definition: haste, speed
Meaning: a hurry, promptly
Strong's Concordance
hastily, quickly, shortly, soon, make with speedily, swiftly

Feminine of maher; properly, a hurry; hence (adverbially) promptly -- hastily, quickly, shortly, soon, make (with) speed(-ily), swiftly.

see HEBREW maher


H4120. meherah

מְהֵרָהnoun feminine haste, speed; — usually as adverb. accusative hastily, quickly: Joshua 8:19; 10:6; 23:16 (all J E), Numbers 17:11 (P), Deuteronomy 11:17; Judges 9:54; 2 Samuel 17:16, 18, 21; Jeremiah 27:16; Ecclesiastes 8:11 (in all these cases after verb); before verb (poetry) Isaiah 5:26 ("" קַל‎), Psalm 31:3; 37:2; Isaiah 58:8; Joel 4:4 ("" קַל‎); so also 1 Samuel 20:38 ׳מ הוּשָׁה‎ (compare Dr); 2 Kings 1:11 ׳מ רֵ֑דָה‎; — but perhaps read מַהֲרָה‎, i.e. Pi`el Imperative of מהר‎ (compare 1 Samuel 23:27); with preposition (late): ׳בִּמin haste = quickly Ecclesiastes 4:12; ׳עַדמֿid. Psalm 147:15.