Word Summary
el: these
Original Word: אֵל
Transliteration: el
Phonetic Spelling: (ale)
Part of Speech: pronoun plural masculine and feminine
Short Definition: these
Meaning: these, those
Strong's Concordance
these, those

A demonstrative particle (but only in a plural sense) these or those -- these, those. Compare 'el-leh.

see HEBREW 'el-leh


H411. el

I. אֵלpronoun plural masculine & feminine = the more usual אֵלֶּה‎, these 1 Chronicles 20:8; with article הָאֵלGenesis 19:8; 19:25; 26:3; 26:4; Leviticus 18:27; Deuteronomy 4:42; Deuteronomy 7:72; 19:11. (Merely an orthographic variation of אֵלֶּה‎, and doubtless pronounced similarly; the kindred dialects have in Genl. a dissyllabic form: see below אֵלֶּה‎. Written similarly in Phoenician, e.g. CIS 3:22; 14:5; Deut 93:3(האל‎), but ZMG1875, 240 (Neo-Punic) אלא‎; in Plaut. Poen. see I. 9 transliterated ily; SchroedPhoenician Gr. p. 81, 160, 286 ff.)