Word Summary
Maday: a son of Japheth, also his desc. and their land
Original Word: מָדַי
Transliteration: Maday
Phonetic Spelling: (maw-dah'-ee)
Part of Speech: proper name, of a people
Short Definition: a son of Japheth, also his desc. and their land
Meaning: Media -- a son of Japheth, also his descendants and their land
Strong's Concordance
Madai, Medes, Media

Of foreign derivation; Madai, a country of central Asia -- Madai, Medes, Media.


H4074. Maday

מָדַיproper name, of a people et

terr. Medes, Media (Old Persian Mâda SpAPK, Assyrian Madai COTGloss, and on Genesis 10.. 2 DlPar. 247); —

1 people, as 'son' of Japhet Genesis 10:2 (P) = 1 Chronicles 1:5; as hostile power Isaiah 13:17; 21:2; מָדַי זֶרַעDaniel 9:1; land and people, מָדַי מַלְכֵיJeremiah 25:25 (+ עֵילָם מַלְכֵי‎), 51:11, 28; מ ׳מַלְכֵי וּפָרַסDaniel 8:20; compare וּמָדַי מָּרַסEsther 1:3, 14, 18, 19; 10:2; ᵐ5Μαδαι.

2 of land alone = Media 2 Kings 17:6; 18:11 (both מָדָ֑י עָרֵי‎).