Word Summary
oklah: food, eating
Original Word: אָכְלָה
Transliteration: oklah
Phonetic Spelling: (ok-law')
Part of Speech: Noun Feminine
Short Definition: food, eating
Meaning: food, eating
Strong's Concordance
consume, devour, eat, food, meat

Feminine of 'Ukal; food -- consume, devour, eat, food, meat.

see HEBREW 'Ukal


H402. oklah

אָכְלָה17 noun feminine food, eating (with some verbal force, compare DrJPh xi. 217) only P, & Ezekiel; always לְאָכְלָה‎,

1 especially in phrase like לְאָ יִהְיֶה ׳לָכֶםGenesis 1:29; 6:21; 9:3; Leviticus 11:39; so 25:6 לְאָבְלָה לָכֶם הָאָרֶץ שַׁבַּת וְהָיְתָה‎ compare לְא ׳נָתַןGenesis 1:30; Exodus 16:15.

2 devouring, by wild beasts, only figurative of ravaged people Ezekiel 29:5; 34:5, 8, 10; 39:4, compare 35:12.

3 consumimg, in fire Ezekiel 15:4, 6, of fire-sacrifice of children 23:37; figurative of judgment of ׳י‎ Ezekiel 21:37; (compare also infinitive of אָכַל‎).