Word Summary
mabbua: a spring (of water)
Original Word: מַבּוּעַ
Transliteration: mabbua
Phonetic Spelling: (mab-boo'-ah)
Part of Speech: Noun Masculine
Short Definition: a spring (of water)
Meaning: a spring (of water)
Strong's Concordance
fountain, spring

From naba'; a fountain -- fountain, spring.

see HEBREW naba'


H4002. mabbua

מַבּוּעַnoun [masculine] spring of water (Assyrian namba'u Dl HWB 442, Arabic , Syriac ); — absolute ׳מEcclesiastes 12:6; plural construct מַיִם מַבּוּעֵיIsaiah 35:7; 49:10 (for returning exiles).

נִבְשָׁן‎ see בשׁן

נגב‎ (√ of following = be dry, parched, Late Hebrew נָגַב‎, Aramaic נְגִיב נְגוּב,‎).