Word Summary
maar: to prick, to pain
Original Word: מָאַר
Transliteration: maar
Phonetic Spelling: (maw-ar')
Part of Speech: Verb
Short Definition: to prick, to pain
Meaning: to be bitter, to embitter, be painful
Strong's Concordance
fretting, picking

A primitive root; to be bitter or (causatively) to embitter, i.e. Be painful -- fretting, picking.


H3992. maar

[מָאַר‎] verb (compare Arabic excite hostility, irritate, break open, of a wound); —

Hiph`il prick, pain Participle מַמְאִירEzekiel 28:24 מַמְאֶ֫רֶתLeviticus 13:51 2t.; — of thorn מ ׳סִלּוֺןEzekiel 28:24 (figurative of oppressors of Israel,); "" מַכְאִב קוֺץ‎); elsewhere of leprosy (צָרַעַת‎) = malignant ? Leviticus 13:51-52, 14:44 (all P; but ‎ in all these has מרראת‎, √ מרא‎ = מרהbe obstinate, compare Thes816b Di).

מַאֲרָב‎ see ארב‎. מְאֵרָה‎ see ארר‎.

[מִבְדָּלָה‎], מִבְדָּלוֺת‎ see בדל‎.

מָבוֺא‎ see בוא‎. מְבוּכָה‎ see בוך‎.