Word Summary
mum: blemish, defect
Original Word: מאוּם
Transliteration: mum
Phonetic Spelling: (moom)
Part of Speech: Noun Masculine
Short Definition: blemish, defect
Meaning: to stain, a blemish
Strong's Concordance
blemish, blot, spot

Usually muwm {moom}; as if passive participle from an unused root probably meaning to stain; a blemish (physically or morally) -- blemish, blot, spot.


H3971. mum

מאוּםnoun masculineJob 31:7 blemish, defect (for מְאוּם‎, which, although found only late, is (si vera lectio) apparently original form, .Köii. 146); — ׳מ‎ absolute:

1 of physical defect Daniel 1:4.

2 figurative מ דָּבַק ׳בְּכַמַּיJob 31:7 of moral stain; usually


noun masculineLeviticus 21:17 (= foregoing; quiescent א‎ omitted) (Late Hebrew id.; Aramaic מוּמָא‎, ); — absolute ׳מ21:17 16t.; suffix מוּמוֺProverbs 9:7; מוּמָםDeuteronomy 32:5; — blemish, defect (chiefly H):

1 physical,

a. in man, as excluding from priestly service, Leviticus 21:17-18, 21 (twice in verse); 21:23; disfiguring man 2 Samuel 14:25, woman Song of Solomon 4:7; (in all מ ׳היה בְּ‎); as caused by man upon man Leviticus 24:19-20,.

b. in beast (reference to sacrifice) Leviticus 22:20-21, 25; Numbers 19:2; Deuteronomy 15:21 (twice in verse); 17:1 (in all מ ׳היה בְּ‎).

2 figurative of moral blemish Deuteronomy 32:5 (but text very dubious, compare Dr); מִמּוּם פָנֶיךָ תִּשָּׂאJob 11:15; of shame of repulse Proverbs 9:7 ׅ‎ "" (קָלוֺן‎.